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  • Any Paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of Ideas, goods and services through mass media such as newspapers, Magazines, television,  radio  or unique  media  by identified sponsor.
  • Advertising & Events is mass, paid for communication which is used to transmit information, develop attitudes and induce some form of response from the audience.

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We don’t  strive to be the biggest Events and Advertising agency.

Or the most profitable .

Or the most awarded

All we try to be is the most respected Events  and Advertising agency.

The Ad Agency has been recognized as one of the
preeminent full service research, marketing, advertising, design, and public relations firms serving a regional, national, and international client base. As an aggressive and agile firm, The Ad Agency believes in the fundamentals of communication strategies and has developed a reputation for effective, on-target marketing.

Sun Shine Art Studio